A Letter From Oscar De La Torre
  Oscar De La Torre, Business Manager of Northern California District Council of Laborers (NCDCL)

On behalf of the Northern California District Council of Laborers, I would like to welcome you to our new website. This site is designed to provide useful information to employers seeking to learn more about the Laborers’ Union. In addition, we provide helpful resources and timely information to our signatory employers. I encourage you to browse our site and learn about the many valuable services we provide for the construction industry.

John F. Kennedy said, “There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” In these challenging economic times, we simply cannot afford to do business as usual. We must reach beyond the status quo and work together – as a labor/management team – to ensure that our employers are competitive and profitable. And we can only do this by ensuring our employers have access to the best trained, qualified and motivated employees in the industry.

Our commitment to our employer partners does not end with providing a skilled and qualified workforce. In order to maximize work opportunities for our laborer members, we have an obligation to assist in whatever way possible to increase work opportunities for our employers. To this end, we will be very diligent in utilizing and expanding resources and relationships with owners, developers and political bodies to ensure that our signatory employers are the first choice for work opportunities.

After the work has been awarded, we are committed to helping our employers maintain profitability and safety. We have many value added services that we provide at no additional cost, including marketing, health and safety, prevailing wage assistance and on-site training and re-training.

As a third generation laborer, I am deeply committed to this Union. I share this commitment with our affiliated Local Unions, affiliated bodies, association, employer and vendor partners. We are proud of the professional services we provide and invite you to contact the Northern California District Council or any one of our affiliated Local Unions with any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you.

Oscar De La Torre, Business Manager
Northern California District Council of Laborers

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