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  We have the skilled and trained workers that you need,
when you need them and at competitive wage rates. You can concentrate on getting your job done right the first time with a ready access to skilled workers that show up at the job site on schedule, come to the job trained and prepared, and avoid
accidents. Here's what the Northern California District Council of Laborers puts at your disposal:

Qualified, skilled,
and motivated



  • Fifteen local unions strategically located throughout the 46 Northern California counties
  • A skilled and trained workforce available for dispatch at each local union hiring hall
  • Employees confident in knowing they have portable fringe benefits that transfer among companies, enabling them to remain productive and focused on getting your job done right
  • The right to drug-test employees, in accordance with the agreement in place

The Laborer Union members we'll refer to you know their way around a construction site, are well-versed in safety practices, and serious about their careers. We have found that construction workers elected to join the Laborers' Union in order to become the best at their trade.

They're in the Laborers' Union for good
      — and that's good for you.


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